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Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Well, they said it will have a new engine so it should look and feel modern. FO3 and NV were just enhanced engines of Oblivion. I thought the view distance of FO3 was impressive anyway and thought Oblivion was ahead of it's time anyway.

Gothic 4 will take some beating though in regard to texture quality and lighting, since the caves in that game are the best I've seen yet in any game.
FO3 view distance was a joke

This is the ultra settings quality. It's as high as the game options will allow you to take them.

And this is after bumping the Ugrid distance from the default 5 up to 9.

For me to have to modifiy the INI file to get that is absolutely unacceptable by today's standards.

I hate to bring up the whole crysis bit here but even at the lowest settings in crysis, it draws SOOO much more objects into the distance than the gamebryo engine at the maximum in game settings all while doing so at a much faster frame rate.

This is the kind of stuff that really chaps my ass and shouldn't be tolerated by gamers. What the engine draws at ugrid distance of 9 or 12 SHOULD be what the engine draws when the distance slider is set to it's max value.

I'm sure the developers have their reasons for all that but to me, it seems like common sense. Ultra quality should strain my system.
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