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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
What I meant was, you are not totally safe in your home city. If you are flagged, you can die in your home city.

You can't fight in the Sanctuary areas and are safe there.
That's not a difference PvE vs PvP server though. It isn't uncommon practice for people, raiding an opposing city to hang out near the battle masters, and pop people off while they leave battleground. That has occured on PvE realms also. Or the lil nasty someone did with an obnoxious player of opposing faction who wasn't flaged.

There were 3 of us, out by Kharanos. They killed the NPCs, a bunch of us arrived, but after dieing the person waited the 5 mins, then resed, and stood around taunting people but wouldn't flag. So, one person mentioned "challenge that fool to a duel, and right after he accepts type


Well he did, and sure enough he was able to "duel" attack, accept because of the forfeit, it counted as an actual PvP strike. He got flagged, we ganked

Where the PvP enters in on this, is that if one hearths back from a contested area, they will still be flagged; but then if someone hearths out of WG, or now Tol Barad, they will be flagged whether it's a PvE or a PvP realm. If they take an fp however, naturally the flagging gets cleared and on a PvP realm only returns if one lands in a contested area.
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