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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Ya know, the downside of just how easy they made things in wraith (though it was a pages old discussion), comes to light in cata, when well, people who had it easy are not prepared for the expansion. And naturally the consequence for many is wishing the vote to kick option didn't have a cooldown. What one can end up seeing is PuGs that can't make it through normal, tanks and healers who argue about which one is bad as people are leaving the group, etc.

My past several days (well today I got the daily heroic for valor points in a guild group), but had fallen along the lines of h blackrock caverns. I'm random queued in on the second boss, after I don't know how many wipes, but everyone else was repairing. So at boss, someone can't negotiate the beam, so they become a dragonkin/wipe. Take 2, now the mob becomes a dragonkin, wipe. And it's wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, everytime, the same guy.

At this point, and my guy having 248 average iLvl, and except for 1 trinket nothing he can get from heroics, and inching closer and closer to the daily reset, am beginning to ask if we can just skip this boss at this point, and get the valor points. I'd like them before the daily reset, so I don't lose a days worth. Some want to try again, and wipe, wipe, wipe, oh now I need to repair. And how many times they had full repairs before, dunno.

The healer didn't like skipping, so left, someone else PuGed in, and all I can say with the final boss down was good ridance. That one guy, no matter how much anything was explained, how many times things were wiped on, he just never learned anything.

Day before, PuGed into cookie in heroic VC, tank died, the other 2 DPS died, finally maneaged to down it on my hunter, with just me and the healer still alive. Now some might question the heals, but and this said, surely a tank should be easier to keep alive then a mail wearing DPS and himself without a tank, so....

For all intents and purposes, as we went from there, through the nightmare run, to the final boss, I was carrying them. The tank kept dieing, on trash even, with me having to finish stuff off. And outside of myself, well we had 85 dps that could only do 3k dps, with me pulling like 12k+... In the end, I did 50% of the damage for the group, and sadly in PuGs, it isn't an uncommon experience.

ATM, I kinda avoid PuGs, and tbh missed some of the valor points I might have otherwise got, simply because of how painful PuGing with many people can be. Same goes with the healer with only 40k mana in 45 instances, the DPS tank, who thought he could chain pull entire rooms, and kept doing the same thing, as he wondered (but couldn't understand) how he was dieing in 2 seconds flat.

Oh, and the argument between the tank and healers who started yelling that the other is a n00b and a retard, came down to the tank wanting to skip a pull in lost city. The healer told him it can't be skipped, and he accused the healer of pulling mobs, with a stand here, take 2 they all were, and the same group wiped everyone. So then commenced the shouting match, which the 3 DPS would rather not have heard. The tank and healer then both rage quit, insisting the other one was the idiot

So is how it goes, when after having had it so easy, for so long; these self same people who got used to face rolling everything in Wraith, comes face to face with Cataclysm I think many I've known have been on cooldown for initiating vote to kick, more often then not; and many healers and tanks disgusted with it, have unilaterly decided to stop pulling trash until either so and so agrees to leave, or vote to kick cd wears off.
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