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Default Re: Accelero XTREME Plus for GTX 480

Originally Posted by Ghost girl View Post
I only have two issues with the heatsink.

The chips indicated in red don't get coverage, the voltage regulator sinks raise above them and don't come in contact with them.

Additionally, if you have a backplate, it gets hot at sin. I don't remember my backplate getting anywhere near this hot using the stock heatsink.
As near as I can tell it's identical to the way they sit on the 480 also. Hard to see, but there appears to be a slight gap. I'm thinking about trying to get my hands on some thermal tape today. The gap looks small enough that the tape would fill it and make contact on both sides.

I'm a bit nervous about trying to pull those heatsinks though - if they don't twist off pretty easily with a little heat I'll just live with it.

Oh, quick question if you don't mind - that's not your default voltage showing, is it? What was your default on your 580?


EDIT: Found this thread.

Scroll towards the bottom to the pic of the bare 580 - it looks to me like he may have put thermal tape on those chips, still hard to tell though.
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