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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Sofar in cata the huge amount of profession grinding is a disappointment,lw is insane.Also the fact that not even the endbosses in cata hc 5 man dungeons drop epic loot.It's crap tbh,every epic and several superior items you can craft use chaos orbs and theyre bop that only drops in hc's.Wich i wouldn't have had issues with apart from the fact that the items you craft are boe,this makes it even better for the goldsellers Every epic plate item costs like 10-30 k so in essence theyve made this game even MORE interesting to accstealers,scammers etc .

Blizzard said they made these changes because epics are supposed to be harder to get,more effort is needed,atm though all you need is gold.
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