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Default Re: Seeking cheap replacement for 6150SE

Originally Posted by ssnyder View Post
I've recently had 2 friends who bought Compaq CQ5600Y systems. These are systems with integrated "GeForce 6150SE nForce 430" graphics, based on the Pegatron M2N68-LA motherboard. This motherboard also has an unused PCIe x16 slot.

Besides using system ram, the 6150SE is slow and incurs high CPU utilization. I'm thinking that the cheapest PCIe x16 video card will outperform the 6150SE as well as leaving more usable RAM for the OS.

Neither of these friends are gamers, so high 3D framerates isn't an issue. Both machines are usually used for typical office-type applications, web browsing, watching videos and the standard Win7 desktop eye candy.

Can anyone recommend a cheap NVidia PCIe x16 card, preferrably passively-cooled?

If that is all the computers are used for, rock the on-board. An add in card will not benefit them any.

I notice it only has 2GB of RAM, but a 64-bit OS. You're best upgrade would be adding another 2GB of RAM for 4GB total- according to HP 4GB is the max that motherboard will support. Then, in the BIOS, just set the framebuffer to as low as possible.

Honestly, this will help them the most. An add-in graphics card won't benefit them at all. From what you stated, the most demanding 3D thing these guys are doing is the Windows7 desktop effects, and a 6150 is sufficient for that.

The additional 2GB of RAM will help far more than an add-in graphics card.
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