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Default Re: Noise level: GTX480 vs. GTX285

Originally Posted by jcniest5 View Post
Well, as long as it's not like a hair blower/dryer than it shouldn't matter, right?
It kind of is

My home office is upstairs. With Furmark, STALKER, or one or two others running, the fan can be heard in the living room at the bottom of the stairs. That's why I grabbed that AC Accelero XP as soon as I was able to get one.

I did find though, that using a profile in afterburner, if I had it ramp up the fan to at least 60% when temps hit 60c or so and set the max fan % to 75-80%, temps would stay manageable and the noise was bearable.

I think the default driver profile keeps the fan spinning slowly until the temps are through the roof. Keep the temps in check early on and you won't need 100%.
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