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Default Re: Noise level: GTX480 vs. GTX285

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What grey said.

Manually setting the fan speed to 60% in EVGA Precision seems to be the magic number for gaming for these 570s. In less demanding games (Batman AA, Borderlands) temps don't hit 60c. In more demanding games (Crysis, STALKER CoP, Metro2033) temps don't hit 70c. But, that's when I remember to manually set it BEFORE I start gaming.

Setting the fan speed to 50% is perfect for non-gaming. Cards stay between 31c and 35c depending on the room temp and the fan is pretty darn silent. If I forget to up the fan to 60% for gaming temps shoot above 95c after 45 minutes or so and the fan kicks up to 100% and it sounds like a hair dryer on high... I peed on the floor a little the first time it happened.

Yeah, it's pretty loud.
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