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Default Re: nvidia.ko says my GTS 250 is not supported on 260.19.xx

Originally Posted by cragdor View Post
I am having the Exact same issue with my MSI GTS250, with ubuntu 10.10 and all known proprietary drivers.

Please tell me you have had some luck with this?

Craig Thomas
I think this is because of Ubuntu-specific changes that Canonical made to the Linux kernel. I use Gentoo Linux, which requires users to compile their own kernels. I compiled my kernel from the upstream sources and I have not had any problems with my GeForce 250 GTS. You should be able to fix this by compiling your own kernel too. It would likely require several hours for someone who is inexperienced and be somewhat frustrating, but it is doable and quite easy once you learn to do it.

Ubuntu's package manager has no kernel source packages that lack its custom patches, so you will need to modify their instructions:

Go to "The Old-Fashioned Debian Way" and skip the part about using apt-get. Download the latest stable kernel from and then extract it to a directory (e.g. /usr/src/linux- Then change directory to that and follow the instructions, although I suggest skipping the "make localmodconfig" step; if you want an optimized kernel for your system, the advice from should be used when doing "make menuconfig". That would require downloading the appropriate vanilla sources configuration file from and putting it in the directory of the sources as .config.

Keep in mind that if you make an optimized kernel while you do this, you are liable to misconfigure things on the first try, so if you want something that works the first time, don't bother making an optimized kernel and just go with the .config file for Ubuntu Linux. Also, if Canonical made any changes to the Linux kernel that are required by Ubuntu Linux, this might not work, although my expectation is that it will work. You can reverse this after the fact if you do not like the results.

People on the Ubuntu forums would likely be willing to help you undo this if you do not like the results. The alternatives are to wait for Canonical to fix this for you or change distributions. The former is probably what they would prefer you to do.
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