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As long as the game's PC user interface is actually functional pre-mods I'll be happy. Otherwise I'll wait for the community to fix the game for the developers like it did with Oblivion.

Still one of my biggest gripes with Oblivion and Morrowind was the leveling system. If you really wanted to maximize your character, it was required that you performed actions that you would never really do during normal gameplay. "Level Block and Blade 10 times each for 8 levels" etc is not fun at all, especially when the UI doesn't even give information about impending level ups. In Morrowind (a much better game IMO) this wasn't so bad because you could ignore this and just level and play the game like you wanted since NPC enemies didn't level up with you, but since Oblivion by default has enemies that outscale you if you aren't min/maxing, it was actually in your best interest to not level up too much. How counter-intuitive is that?

Fallout 3 completely avoided this problem and IMO is a very superior RPG experience. Fortunately Oblivion is playable with mods. I'd like a fully-functional and well-designed RPG out of the box though.
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