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Default GeForce GTX275 overclocking at Ubuntu 10.04

Hi Everybody!

First of all... Happy New Year!!! :-)

I'm trying to overclock nVidia GTX275 but it refuses to change the 2D or 3D GPU clock frequencies using nvidia-settings and nvlock. I have used commands like:

sudo nvidia-settings --assign="[gpu:0]/GPU3DClockFreqs=640,1133"

and verified results using:

sudo nvidia-settings -q [gpu:0]/GPU3DClockFreqs

and had success to overclock nVidia 9600 GT but it does not change 2D/3Dfrequencies in GTX275.

I have also tried /usr/bin/nvclock_gtk but I just could change the Fan-Duty Cycle of GTX275.

So, my question is: Is that an unsolvable card problem or I'm doing something wrong?

I have tried to find a similar thread at the forum but I couldn't see anything related.

Thanks in advance.

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