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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by JohnDio View Post
Truth hurts. I still remember when Crytek announced that Crysis2 would be multiplatform, everyone claiming Crysis to be a flop. Funnily, it was a big success, even bigger than the "successful" Far Cry. And there are still people thinking that it didn't sell well... just browse the Crysis thread. This also shows that piracy wasn't the reason that Crysis2 is multiplatform!
Well damn! There still are people making up numbers and trying to move goal posts to claim Crytek/their games are failures despite hard official numbers.

Could they do better? Yes, was it a failure? Hell no. In a industry where even big AAA titles mainly selling on console or console exclusive and millions of copies yet dont even make enough profits to cover costs. Developers working under publishers that last year published games selling millions of copies in first weeks. One also needs to take a look at EAs financial report and interviews and see PC still brings in decent revenues in comparision and has higher development cost to profit ratio even though it sells less copies. No need for 10$ royalty fee for MS/Sony/Nintendo per sold copy and digital distribution by Ea store or Steam makes it cheap to publish games. Despite small 'royalty' fee for using Steam it is offset by not having to pay for game box material nor worldwide transports.

I had this since a while ago.
Internally-developed PC games can have a profit margin of up to 90 percent, while internally-developed console games can return margins of 60 to 70 percent, EA explained, while externally-developed titles necessarily generate lower margins for the publisher.

Originally Posted by Before 02-06-2009
Yerli explained that the very competitiveness of Crytek was at stake. He said that while Crysis was successful from a critical and commercial point of view, but it's breaking even to making some profit. "Going forward we need to be more profitable, and the only way to do that is logically to move our company toward the consoles," Yerli said...

..."Warhead was a financial success, Warhead was a critical success, Warhead won numerous awards
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