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Default MINT10 (Ubuntu 10.10) No taskbar appears

I get the login with username and password. Then background and a movable cursor is shown. But the desktop remains empty, no taskbar and no icons appear.

In the XOrg.0.log are no errors from Xserver. But in the /var/log/messages I find

bonobo-activation-server (name-1234): could not associate with desktop session: Fehler beim Verbinden: Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt.

I have installed the same MINT 10 at four different machines with the same Nvidia graphic card. Two machines are running without problems. The other two have this problem. And the problem occurs accidentally. 90% problem, 10% no problem.

I used the Nvidia-96.43.19 driver for a Geforce4 MX440 card. I changed the driver to nouveau and there is no problem at all. Therefore it must be a Nvidia driver problem.

I hope for a running Nvidia driver.
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