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Default Re: Linux backlight driver

Originally Posted by Zem View Post

The weird thing is, when i do these things "/sys/class/backlight/nvidia_backlight/brightness" remains unchanged, while "/sys/class/backlight/nvidia_backlight/actual_brightness" becomes "26751" (!!)
brightness contains a memory of the last settings sent by nvidiabl, actual_brightness rereads the register and reinterprets it as a brightness value. It would mean that another module is changing the brightness register directly... nvidiabl is basically based on reverse engineering, maybe I need to mask part of this register because another part is used for another purpose like VDPAU as mentionned in the other thread.

Could you give me the output of:
cd /sys/module/nvidiabl/parameters
cat *
This way, maybe I would be able to detect the "broken" bit.

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