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Default Re: Custom config + 1900X1200 + 8xQ AA + 16 AF = 60FPS 4 me

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
If you're on a budget get one of these
Only a pound and you don't need to use AA

Semi-true.. A crt works in the ways that flat-screens aint. Therefor, maxing the res of a decent CRT gives Supersampling-like appearances. A 17" crt with a resolution of 2560×1920 looks incredible good and use of AA is negligible!

For the best effect, 2560×1920 + 2x2+2xMSAA combinemode is the very best combination for imagequality. Dis on a 21" CRT which mustn't be too old, older crt's tend to loose sharpening and colors, also brightness(luminosity) tend to fall.
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