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Default Re: Crysis 2 - New screenshots *DROOL*

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
I wouldn't call games selling over a million a failure either but I think if you compare it to say Halo on the consoles, yeah it's weak.
Sure but I wouldn't hold games sales high for games that are bundled with console unit and/or other console peripherals like Halo games and others been and are. Forced sales will give greatly inflated sales numbers.

But seeing how FC sold 2.5m and that it was also bundled with GPUs and then seeing Crysis sales that sure is a great increase.

I'm thankful for Crysis regardless and it's just a shame the PC doesn't have much in the line of games like this, pushing graphics to their limit. Console ported games do show their ugliness in regard to such things like shadow quality and LOD.
Better low-end bar and WinXP out of picture. Developers want to focus on DX11 (has DX10 backards compatibility) as it is more tidy and makes testing hardware configurations and coding far easier and cheaper than would ever be possibly with DX9.

DX9 is only a burden supported becouse of still present WinXP gaming systems. DICE is dancing to the right tunes ditching DX9 API support for BF3.
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