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Default Re: Windows 8 to supports x86 and ARM CPUs

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
would be interesting to see if they manage to "emulate" normal windows apps under ARM version of windows.
Yes I'd have to agree with that. The main thing that has been on the fence for me about tablets is not being able to run windows software. There are a lot of apps on the market, but not all of the apps are as good as their windows counterpart.

A lot of programs use a higher level language like VB, C, and java already, so the actual code wouldn't need much changed to work on an arm processor. The only place they would need emulation support is when someone is using direct calls to the hardware. (Most likely games)

@Althon XP: I'd have to guess that windows might try to tackle this natively, but then again maybe not. The whole Windows Xp compatibility mode in Windows 7 is okay but having to run your programs in virtual pc takes away from the usefulness of them IMO. I'd love to see the "emulation" part put under the hood so you don't see it and everything functions like you'd expect it to.

On the flip side it will be interesting to see how many "apps" can run natively in Windows.
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