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Default Re: -= Official Intel P67 / Sandy Bridge / i3 2100 / i5 2500K / i7 2600K Review Threa

Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal View Post
Hardocp said this in their review:

I wouldn't say I agree or I don't with what you said, but for me, coming from a Q6600, this is a great time to upgrade! And I know I am not alone in this. I've waited out the X58 route and I am getting more performance at a lesser price now (at least here in Israel where prices are higher).
Hardocp as always miss the point. They forgot that people can't run decent SLI or Tri SLI setup on P67, also they forgot that this line of Sandy Bridge is just like LGA1156 joke. I think there is no reason to buy LGA1155 based system but wait for LGA2011 i believe.
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