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Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
There were numerous NPC/enemy leveling mods for oblivion that made the game much more enjoyable in this area.
ya but you want to be able to play a game decently right out of the box, this was a fundamental game flaw from the get go... besides the Oblvion mods I played that tried to fix the auto leveling were either buggy or had some obvious flaws to them...

Hopefully in this version there will be an option since there was such an outrage about how this was handled... personally it ruined the game for me, trying to work on your freaken shield blocking skillz since that was linked to improving endurance which increases your hp's .... block, block ,block, ya that's fun....

There were guys on the Oblivion forum that finished the game and killed all the end monsters and stayed level 1, some said it was easier to finish the game if you never leveled...
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