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Default Re: And they said it couldn't be done

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
4XMSAA in Metro is a fps killer, I would seriously have to question if you say you're using it.

: Serious thread derail, my fault. Sorry Muppet.
Using "AAA".

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
so then its not maxed. lol
Technically I guess you're right. I really don't consider it much of an option as with it enabled or disabled I don't notice much of a difference in IQ, only if FPS. Doesn't seem to improve anything, only significantly drop my framerate.

Recorded a quick play through using FRAPs, but it's taking forever to upload. Besides, not sure how to get the FPS counter to show in the videos. I can post screenies instead though if ya'll like. Don't think I'm gonna' go through with the video uploads due to how long it'll take.

EDIT: Though I must confess, my last *serious* play through of the game was back when I had my dual 8800GTXs. Obviously they were limited to DX9, and then I did have it all maxed considering my hardware limitation. That was at 1680 x 1050 though- don't think I played through on those with this new monitor.

Really dont' feel like playing through, but am now curious as to what performance I get with this 5770. I'll upload some screen shots in a bit.
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