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Default Re: -= Official Intel P67 / Sandy Bridge / i3 2100 / i5 2500K / i7 2600K Review Threa

Looks like I'm going with the 2600k after all. Just need an ass ass dee now and another 460 down the line. This Q6600 has been loyal for the past 4 years, and I couldn't be more proud in the little bugger

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Yep. great upgrade for those who are on Q6600s, everyone else on X58 should stop whining like little girls and wait for the high end stuff and enjoy the butt load of games out right now that run so well on their still upto date systems.
I disagree. We need more whining. This is grown-up whining we have here, and we can all learn from it and grow. Not to be confused with the kiddy internetz whine. That is just nasty.
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