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Default Re: And they said it couldn't be done

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Well this is probably not going to be something to write home about. It's probably just a more straight-forward solution for 2D/3D Surround with "1 card".

I'd be really interested in a dual-PCB card with two 570/580 GPUs and at least 2GB per GPU. For example: take two 570s, double the VRAM and put them side-by-side in an enclosure. I'd instantly buy two of those
Not sure if that's going to happen. Somehow I think a 3GB version of the 580 is more likely. I'd need a new board for that (Tri-SLI) but that's something I could live with since Sandy Bridge E is still in the far distance.

I'm definitely not going to buy any other card without having at least 2GB VRAM. I'm seriously VRAM limited now. Again kudos to AMD, too bad I can't stand their drivers
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