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Originally Posted by RollinThundr View Post
I pre purchased it based on beta 3. (beta 4 starts tomorrow fyi) It may be somewhat of a wow clone, thats a fair statement, but its very polished, actually I think it may be the most polished mmo "beta" I've ever played and I've played my share.

The way classes work with allowing a player to have up to 3 distinct class trees, I feel adds a ton of customization to how a class can play out, and the dynamics of the whole Rift system itself adds another layer of complexity. I really like the graphics as well, characters animate well, its fluid, the casting animations have some flash to them. Over all just really solid feeling. For a game that doesn't launch for over another month yet (March 1st in the US) I have to give Trion credit. Its fun, plays well, and has a bit of complexity to it.

They didn't reinvent the MMO wheel by any means but the level of polish and added depth with the way the class systems work and the Rifts themselves make it feel pretty fresh in some ways. Looking forward to it.
It is only a wow clone in the battle mechanics. I really like it though. The game is just plane fun. I loved the fact that I'm running along happily questing, a rift opens up and I get OM NOM NOMED by the mobs that came out. Now I have to stop everything and help get rid of this rift. Some say that annoys them because they want to finish the quests they are on. I say it is a very much welcomed break from questing. The mobs from the rifts drop loot, give xp so it is all part of the leveling process.

I am in BETA 4 so I'll be on after work.

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
I have just into the beta for this! (a first for me)! Looking forward to playing it (downloading atm)
I'll see if we can hook up in game. Most likely Saturday since you are what, 12 hours ahead of me?

The graphics are not top of the line but they look very nice. Very much acceptable for a MMO.
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