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Default Re: nVidia Press Conference

Originally Posted by Intel17 View Post
The x86 bashing is getting old, nVidia. Look, if nVidia hates desktop PCs so much, then they can go to hell. I'm buying AMD graphics cards from here on out.
Well, nVidia didn't leave themselves much choice.

They absolutely cannot compete against x86 using x86. Intel owns x86 and even with their best effords nVidia likely wouldn't be able to design an effectively competitive chip to compete with Intel and AMD, without sacrificing elsewhere- they just aren't a big enough company.

The portable electronics market, though quite large now, was much smaller when they got involved, and that likely is going to pay off big time for them.

Honestly, I think the days of nVidia developing leading end gaming GPUs is coming to an end. Sure, x86 will survive but it's going to shrink, being replaced with much smaller, more portable electronics.

Gaming rigs will still be around and I think in some way nVidia will still offer gaming GPUs, but it'd not surprise me if as time progresses the gaming GPUs loose importance to nVidia. I could easily see in this area nVidia loosing market share and AMD gaining it.

Also, I think Intel is likely going to be loosing market share in the coming years. Smaller, more portable electronics is where it's at. Intel isn't quite setup of that... yet. They have the x86 muscle but lack the GPU power to compete. AMD also has the x86 muscle *and* the GPU power to compete. It'll be easier for AMD to survive in this climate than Intel.

In short, I think the landscape is going to change *drastically* in the coming years. Companies that we counted as gone are going to suddenly dominate while the ones we perceived and being nearly invincible will have an up-hill battle.

All imo, of course.
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