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Default Re: nVidia Press Conference

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
"The ARM Processor is the most important ISA".

Sheesh. I wouldn't have dreamed the possibility of a statement like that a week ago.
It's statements like this that makes me believe personal computing is, for lack of a better word, evolving. The landscape is changing drastically. The digital environment 10 years from now is going to look nothing like it does today.

Heck, Go back 10 years. The PC was largely still the same in form and function. Sure, not nearly as powerful- but you had a tower, a seperate monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.

Go back another 10 years, still much more of the same. How long do we think this can remain the norm? Honestly, I'm astonished at how many of those all-in-one touch screen computers being sold in retail. I think for many that is likely what will replace the PC so to speak.

Imagine having your PC being integrated into your wall, and it's touch screen. Need to google directions? No problem, could easily have a full KB beneath it that'd protrude when needed and retract when not. Laptops will probably shrink and merge with netbooks- use those for e-mails, resumes, etc. PDAs and smartphones for nearly everything else.

And back to that computer in the wall? Likely wont need tons of storage ans purchasing movies and such is going to change. I can see two types of services at least- one entirely cloud computing baed where you buy a movie and it's saved in Cyberspace for you- watch it whenever you want without needed large storage capacity on your computer.

The alternative would be likely for people such as me living in areas without fast enough broadband connections- localized storage. It's cheaper for me to throw together a media server with terrabytes upon terrabytes of storage than it'd be to get broadband comparable to what you'd have in the city. Thus I buy a movie and DL it in my localized storage- watch when ever I want.

It's only a matter of time, imo. I'll always use dedicated computers with localized storage, even in the days of cloud computing- simply cause it's a hobby. But I do believe that society as a whole is heading that way.
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