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Default Re: The way it was FINALLY meant to be played

Originally Posted by Intel17 View Post
So, I have a confession. I bought Crysis at release, and I even bought Warhead at release, but my PC at the time (Q6600 + 8800GT + 4GB Ram + WinXP + 1280x1024 LCD) just wasn't enough to run it at its full glory. So I shelved the game after playing a few missions until I could experience it properly (i.e. maxed out at 1080p).

I am playing through Crysis now at 1080p, all settings very high, with 8x AA and 16x AF (forced through nv control panel), and I must say...HOLY CRAP. This game is absolutely incredible. The sheer vastness of the maps, amazing combat, great!

Now I am seeing the Crysis 2 footage and trailers and am significantly underwhelmed...but that's okay, I still have the rest of Crysis and all of Warhead to complete!

But yeah...I've never seen visuals this good -- and I played Metro 2033 on VH!
Funny how now, even about 4 years later, it still holds the crown for best graphics. I think it's going to be a very long time before we see another game push the visual boundaries like Crysis did.
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