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Originally Posted by LydianKnight View Post
I was the one to comment about the slot thingy but I was just wrong, as didn't pay attention to what ended being an obvious Wikipedia misbehaviour, editor-wise, so... nah.

I guess we will still use lever-type sockets for a while

However, think of this in regards to slot-based processors. A GTX580 or 6970 is a far faster processor in today's computing environment than even the best Intel or AMD has to offer x86 wise.

What interface do our GPU's use? The PCI-e slot. I think that we all get turned off by the notion of slot based CPUs because we instantly think of the large and clunky Slot A and Slot 1 based processors from AMD and Intel way back when. Doesn't mean they cannot be utilised effectively today.

However, I don't think we'll be going bacl to slot-based CPUs for quite some time. Likely, for the duration of the ATX-form factor's life we'll be socket based. Only once ATX is replaced will we likely see something different.
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