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Default Re: The way it was FINALLY meant to be played

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
There are plenty of games that destroy it visual wise. Crysis just doesn't look reaslistic imo. It has WAY too much contrast for one. Just tries too hard to look real imo.
I can see what you mean in regards to contrast... that's only one area though.

Show me a game that has characters that look as realistic as the character's in Crysis. The flesh alone is still something modern games struggle with. And in many areas the textures and detailed shaders can't be touched by modern games... I've yet to see anyother game render the inside of a ship as well as CryEngine 2. I have seen better looking rocks and trees, but a world with more lush vegetation doesn't exist. And in some places the ground texture is nearly photo-realistic.

But it does have it's flaws and the realism is easily destroyed when the horrid physics and other "anomolies" occur so often.
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