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Default Re: The way it was FINALLY meant to be played

far cry 2 vanilla vs crysis vanilla = fc2 winner
me2 looks better than crysis as well (vanilla vs vanilla)

crysis was just a semi sandbox game with a nifty suit and nice sun shafts. Sure the engine is powerful, but I didn't see much in the game itself to see all the praise this game gets. the story was whack, so whack that I didn't even finish warhead. the a.i. was garbage, throw the koreans in the water and they do nothing but float.

i really can't think of one thing in crysis that made me go, holy crap this is awesome. the ai really ****ted that game. I played the game in hardcore and thought it was too easy (up until the ship/boss fight).

Hell I think CM10 is one of the best looking "games" out now albeit its a mod, most mods i've seen of crysis just jack up the hdr and mess with the dof, hardly realistic if you ask me. I play CM10 without bloom/hdr because its TOO EASY TO OVERUSE. The world of crysis would have been better if it was completely open world, and non-linear.

Crysis had a great engine, I wish I could see something done REALLY nice with it. But Crysis itself just fell short imo, nothing in the game makes me think of it being #1 in any category.
I will say; I do love the super suit, and I do love the ability to customize your weapons.

here's another thing that grinds my gears.
I could unload a clip into a korean from a 100+ yards away and he wouldn't die. ON HARDCORE AT THAT!
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