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Default Re: nVidia Press Conference

I believe Nvidia is correct with their assessments. Mobile is skyrocketing and so are devices like the iPad and other tablets coming out. I know it makes you all mad, but this whole "big" PC and huge GPU stuff is going to be going away, for something else.

The PC is like a SUV. Big, power hungry, takes up a lot of space. The PC boomed in the 90's, just like the SUV. I love SUV's but sales have declined due to gas prices and such. In the 90's, almost everyone had a Ford Explorer, Expedition, Jeep Grand Cherokee, etc. Everyone I know that had them now has cars.

The funny thing about SUV's is that most people drive them daily to work alone! A big waste, if you ask me. Some people feel safe in them, that I can understand. Some drive them and don't even have kids, a boat or trailer or even more than a day or two of snow to justify them. This doesn't mean you shouldn't have a choice to buy them, but think about it.

PC's are going the same route, hate to say it. What we all do here will be even more niche than what it is now.
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