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Default Monitor Question

Okay. I've bought two monitors now and I'm not happy with either of them. Of course I should have know better than to buy another TN panel monitor but that's what I did. First I bought a DELL SR2320L (led) at Best Buy which I thought I could live with until it started developing lots of dead pixels about 3 weeks into using it, about seven of them. So I took it back for a refund and ordered a DELL P2411H (led) for the same price on-line with Dell. The new monitor came in the other day and it's got a lot of backlight bleed and the black is a definite gray with uneven areas fairly often. On the right side about 80% over there's a slight wave kind of look with uneven shades of dark gray. So needless to say I'm not that happy with it. I do like the stand and the way it looks but I'm not happy with the image, and that's the whole deal with a monitor.

So here's the question. Is there a monitor technology that will give me good contrasting colors with a good black level? Of course I don't want backlight bleed but I guess there's always some of that with any modern monitor, CRT's rule. I know thery're not perfect but so far the new monitors just leave me cold.

Okay. I don't know why I didn't try an IPS monitor this time, but to be honest after reading tons about them I wasn't sure I'd like them either. But at least the colors would be better even if it did have IPS glow. So you fans of IPS monitors give me some kind of idea what a DELL U2311H might look like considering the complaints I just made about the monitors I've used so far. I'm coming from a NEC 19" CRT which looked much better to me. It wasn't perfect but it just seemed so much better at color and black levels.

So help me pick another monitor because I'm pretty sure I'm going to call Dell and return this monitor. I will say one thing though, playing games on a widescreen monitor is very cool. I don't know why I waited so long to get one. Of course considering I haven't liked the two I tried so far is the reason I didn't get rid of my CRT. So HELP!
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