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Default Re: VDPAU Problems with Mythbuntu on ION

Originally Posted by mlord View Post
Does Mythtv play any of the video, or does it always fail immediately like that ?

Have you tried booting the box with pci=nomsi on the kernel options line?

EDIT: from your other thread, it appears you have tried this already.
Originally Posted by mlord View Post
I recently attempted a fresh 10.10 Mythbuntu install on a spare drive for a fully-working Intrepid-based mythtv machine here. Very poor playback until I disabled "composite" in the xorg.conf file.

In VDPAU the video playback fails right away. If I disable VDPAU it works well, with some slight tearing. I believe I have disabled composite, but I will try and verify this again. I wonder if maybe there is permission problem with the mythtv user on my system? Is there a specific device file that VDPAU needs access to?
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