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Default Re: nVidia Press Conference

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
There's always going to be a market for what we do here. But it's gonna' shrink. It'll be far more of an "enthusiast" thing- much more of a hobby than merely common piece of house hold electronics.

It's likely our options will shrink some, and prices may go up. The prices going up is likely what will help the market shrink. For example, if they went up too high, I'd have to ditch this hobby.
I see the future of the market in exactly the opposite way.

AMD and Intel basically have a 2 company monopoly on PC CPUs. Nvidia wants in badly but from what I understand even if they did purchase a company (if I remember correctly there were rumors of purchasing VIA awhile back) that can legally produce x86 processors the purchase of said company would negate that license to create x86 CPUs. It's a very anti-competitive market in many aspects.

Introduce ARM processors. While an ARM processor alone can't currently compete with an x86 CPU, if a company where to figure out how to harness the power of a GP-GPU in conjunction with an ARM processor now you're talking about a smaller computer with a smaller foot print and an enormous amount of processing power.

AMD didn't purchase ATI because they wanted into the video card market. They wanted the GP-GPU technology.

This would give us a whole new set of options. It may also give us a whole new view on what brute force hacking is as well.....


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