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Default Re: nVidia Press Conference

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
I think you're right, but consider this. High-end CPU's still only have transistor counts around 700-million. High-end GPU's are now nearing 3 billion transistors. High end GPU's also use more power than CPU's.

There's no doubt that GPU's are more efficient, but I think once they start merging (ala Fusion) we're going to see that small improvement in efficiency disappear. Now the market is going to start moving towards highly parallel code. Therefore, the market in CPU's is going to start to shift towards a lot of less powerful cores as opposed to a few very powerful cores in current CPUs.

And what has a lot of less powerful cores?... a GPU.
Yes, "High End" GPUs use more power than CPUs but... you can still create a lower end GPU that uses less power than a CPU and yet still destroys a CPU when it comes to the specialized functions that it performs. Those functions are very specialized thus the need for something like an ARM processor to handle the rest.


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