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Default Re: Lenovo T510 Quadro NVS 3100M failure ...

Originally Posted by TrevorNT View Post
Okay, this is definitely wrong. My T410 (w/ the NVS 3100m, switchable graphics if you're using Windows) works just fine in Linux, no configuration necessary*.
  1. you run your desktop and not baffle what's going on since it works
  2. you run your desktop and you are shure it is Intel card doing and nVidia is powered down
  3. you run your desktop and you are shure it is nVidia card doing

any prof of that statements would be fine as to ensure future users that it is doing what they want (since at net there it is no such definitive statements)
  • Linux Debian Sid x86_64/ 3.2.0
  • Lenovo T61p
  • NVIDIA driver 295.33
  • Xorg/XServer 7.6+12/1.11.4
  • GNOME 3.2.2
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