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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Oh blow it out your ass. ATT has a drop call rate just shy of verizon and lower then the other two biggest carriers. Let alot the fact that our 3G is as fast as other carriers "4G" (ATT has upgraded 100% of the network to HSDPA+) with a LARGE LTE rollout coming summer.

Yes some areas might be lacking good coverage but all carriers have that (tons of complaints that verizon lacks coverage in north MN) .
Yea, well I'm in Boston. You know, a major metropolitan area, and everyone I know with AT&T (which is actually a LOT of people because the iPhone is incredibly popular here) drops calls all the time and their data network is severely overloaded and slow.

By the way, your opinion doesn't count considering your checks say AT&T on them. Or has the kool-aid not worn off yet?

EDIT: Ninja edit in there somewhere
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