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Talking Retro Gaming Rig Thread

Last night I was staring at my pile of unused hardware, and I decided to pull some stuff apart, do some heavy cleaning, and make a retro gaming rig for my daughter and son:
  • My old Cybertron case
  • Athlon Mobile XP 2800 Barton (266 fsb, 512k cache, unlocked multi, 2.1ghz)
  • Aopen 350W PSU (fairly new actually but no SATA connectors)
  • ECS K7S5A (SiS 735) Socket A SDR/DDR motherboard
  • 2x512mb DDR
  • FX 5700 Vanilla AGP 128mb
  • 40gb Deskstar
  • WinXP

The build went together nicely, and it was fun to see everything clean and together (even though I swore over two years ago now that I'd never touch WinXP and Socket A again, lol) ... Now, I'm not expecting miracles from this system at all, but it is reasonably snappy (back when my systems had cards like FX 5700 I usually only had 512mb RAM anyway, and a slower CPU)... overall this is around the spec of a high-end system from mid-2002.

I built this so it could play BF 1942, Call of Duty 1, RTCW:ET, UT2004 and Star Wars Ep. 1 Pod Racer on a 1024x768 LCD. The only things I might like to do to improve the system would be to get the RAM up to 1.5 or 2gb, and possibly get a GPU in there that can do hardware acceleration in Flash (HD 4650 AGP, ~$70)... or maybe if someone here has any old AGP card that's better than FX 5700 that they could sell/trade ...but part of me thinks that if I decide to put resources into that I might as well at least upgrade to 939/PCIE.

Whatever the case, this retro rig is ready to play 2001-2003 titles, and it was fun to put together. I hope my daughter & son like it. I worked hard on this bugger last night.

If you've built a retro gaming rig lately, post it here!

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