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Default Re: Bug Report: Hard crash (freeze) with nVidia GTX 460

Originally Posted by Jakob View Post
Ok, I think I got mine working now... or at least no more crashes for almost two days and quite heavy use tonight with a lot of browsing through firefox (used to result in a freeze) and a few Java-apps running.

I ended up with my Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit install and the 260.19.29 driver from x-swat. What seems to have solved it on my machine was to add "noacpi" and "noapm" to Grub.

But I haven't tried to let it go into suspended mode yet. Last night I did shut it down properly.
Well... guess what? I've had several crashes the last two days!!!

Yesterday I had two freezez/crashes in Ubuntu. But my Win7 install also froze two times with the exact same behavour. This has never happened before!

In all cases I was either actively browsing the web or had left the computer on with a browser window open for a while. The mouse pointer froze and no response from any user interaction. The fan started spinning loud after a while.

I had some log entries related to the nvidia driver in Ubuntu just before it froze. In Windows, the event log is dead silent.

Now, this is getting worse and worse. Currently, I can't reboot the computer (in any OS) directly after crash/freeze. I have to wait and let it cool down for a while. So, I'm starting to suspect hardware failure! Windows used to be (believe it or not) very stable on this computer. I had no problems at all with Ubuntu until around Dec 20 when it suddenly started to freeze for no obvious reason.

Just before making this post I googled some on nVidia and harware failure and found that there seems like the nVidia GPUs have been very unreliable. What I've read it seems like they're overheating and eventually causing harware failure. It fits right in to my pattern. Can anybody confirm this?

I'm sure it's harware failure now. Now when I try to boot efter letting it rest and cool down for a while it doesn't light up the display at all. I don't know if the GPU is broken and makes the entire computer crash or if there is some other problem? Even if there is no display I believe it should load Linux by default after waiting 10 seconds in the Grub menu. Well, it doesn't. It probably never loads the MBR at all!

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