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Default Re: Sandy Bridge is on the market!

Asus has a pretty good selection of boards. They honestly have too many choices.

A P8P67 Deluxe would be a good option. I'd much rather stick with ASUS or gigabyte as well. You won't see me go near an EVGA product anymore.

I've been trying to find reviews but they are not many yet. As far as overclocking goes it shouldn't matter all that much which board you have if you're changing the multiplier. You're not really increasing anything on the board except for the power draw. All the reviews I've seen it didn't matter which board it was the processor could hit 4.2 - 4.4 without even changing the vcore.

Here is a really great review of the Gigabyte P67A-UD7. Someone is pushing their two CPUs to 4.8ghz and 5.2ghz.

I'm still looking into more information about having the NF200 bridge chip. I don't like the fact that it should still be using 65nm, but maybe it's not too big of a deal. On my 780i it is located under the same heatsink as the northbridge, and the temps on that are okay. It's the southbridge on this board that I'd like to get away from. It idles at 65 - 70C and can easily hit 90C while playing a game. I've been checking reviews and the screen shots only show temps for the CPU and "MB" which should be the southbridge, and all of them are very cool. SB chips are running at 26C in BIOS.
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