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WAhahaha, someone is making hacked drivers of Creative Labs own!?? omg!! lmao...Let me guess, a former employee disgruntled cuz Creative laid him off or fired him. I don't know anyone sane enough to help a company like Creative Labs. (sudden feeling of sickness, must go puke)

I'm running now at 1280x960 with everything turned on including complete full sound in BF now with an almost constant 85FPS.

I am now 100% sure that the problems with BF are virtually all Creative related. Since getting rid of my Audigy my game barely ever slows down and I'm not pulling anyones leg. My game is incredibly smooth. ****, I don't even need any patch anymore aside from hit prediction. SOF2 is incredibly smooth, even smoother than it was before.

This weekend I want to put some high voltage through my Audigy card and watch it burn. Maybe even tape myself burning the Creative box it came in right after we electricute the card. Tape it all and send it back to Creative.
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