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Default Re: No hdmi video on Asus AT3N7A-I with versions newer than 195.36.31

Hi Stephen (and thanks!),

Unfortunately, I have tried both of your suggestions and still get the same results...a black screen with the “Weak or no signal” message.

The only reason I had the two cables connected was to see if video was actually going through the VGA vs the HDMI, but my normal configuration is HDMI only. As for the resolution, I used to use 1360x768 because 1920x1080 resulted in blurry text, but with the 195 driver I am now running at the native 1920 and it looks perfect.

But still, as soon as I install any newer screen with the “Weak or no signal” message.

If you have any other suggestions or would like me to try any debug stuff, I am happy to experiment. I am a software engineer of 20+ years and quite technically competent so I should be able to figure things out without a lot of handholding.

Thanks again!
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