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We got some people that are working hard in turning the "Nvidia Graphics Card" Forum into a Flames Forum by proxy and have been trying since that whole "They Cheated In 3DMark" crapola. I'm not being funny, either.

As you might have noticed (at least by now), people that venture into any heated debate tend to take things personal. A Flames Forum would all of that 10 times worse! Whatever wars they'd wage would spread into other areas of the site - to the Open Forum, to the Hardware Forum, etc. and that makes our job as Moderators out to be a bigger pain-in-the-ass that it needs to be!

We're human and there's instances of flaming that we don't catch right away as it is allready. That's when we rely on the community to report posts. I can't speak for Mike C, Vamp, The Baron or anyone else but myself, so with that, it is my own humble opinion that creating an official "Flames Forum" (or endorsing anything that encourages flaming) would be dense. If people feel the unmitigated urge to bash each other, they should pay for it on their own time and dime using readily available software like ICQ, or Outlook Express, and their own bandwidth.

MikeC footing the bandwidth bill hosting text-based catfights between some you with an official Flames Forum?!?

He probably believes he's doing that allready every now and then...
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