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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Been away from simming/gaming for a few months now as stuff in RL pretty heavy in late 2010 (had a death in the family & split with my long term GF had to moved house ect ect ect)

But things are getting back on track and i got a bit of free time to start simming/gaming and working up a few more FSX mods and maybe a new redux pack (most likely reboot the Beaver HD redux i started last year)

@slaWter triple screen FSX looks sick! id love to splash for it myself but present circumstances forbid it i think i will be getting a GTX 570 soon though (580 is overkill for my gaming res 1920x1200) the 260 still holds its own in most things but i think its time i retired it to physx only duty

btw Enb only hits me for 1-2 fps is FSX,i just use it for slight bloom and a warmer pallet shift
check you ini setting to see its not trying to use SSAO...john v's enb ini setting over at the orbx boards are a good place to start if your looking for a modded ini for use with FSX

Anyhows heres a screen grab from an FSX mod im working on atm

Higher contrast landmass/mesh shadows (best of all this has ZERO performance hit!) no photoshoping of levels this is stright from FSX (theres just a small 15% sharpen to counter the blur from slight size reduction of the org capture size)

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