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Default Re: And they said it couldn't be done

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
This card just seems to be an "we can do it also" type deal to placate the people who say that Eyefinity can be done with one card, why can't NV surround. Never mind the fact that one card is garbage for Eyefinity and anyone that's using a multi-monitor setup for gaming is going to be running SLi or CF anyway.

Um, no. A single 5870 isn't running either of those games at max settings on three monitors and neither is your 5770 on even one monitor.
Perhaps you require 30+ fps consistently. I do not. In fact, I find Crysis perfectly playable as low as 20fps. I've not played it with FRAPs running so I'm unsure of my exact framerate but I can guarantee that, excluding AA, all in-game settings *are* maxed. DX10. I'll see if I can run through some of it with FRAPs here in a bit just to see what frames I am getting.
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