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Default Re: [HOWTO] Overclocking nVidia card with NvFlash/FreeDos in Linux

Originally Posted by Dizzle7677 View Post
Author's Note:Not responsible if you mess up your system.
*Need 1 USB Memory Stick/W.I.N.E installed
1. Download FreeDos - NvFlash - NiBitor - UNetbootin
2. Use UNetbootin to Install FreeDos ISO onto the USB.
3. Transfer extracted Nvflash to USB\nvflash directory ... Reboot into FreeDOS ... Select 'fdos' from Unetbootin FreeDos Usb menu.
- 'LiveCD with HiMEM Only' option
4. Use cmdline 'nvflash --save {whatever}.rom' to save Video Bios Rom as original backup. Run 'nvflash' for Help Options.
5. Reboot into Linux. Use NiBitor to adjust memory/core/shader clock speeds accordingly and nothing else. Save as {whatever}rev.rom on USB.
6. Reboot into FreeDOS USB. Use cmdline 'nvflash {whatever}rev.rom to update bios.
7. Power Off. Power On.Reboot into Linux.
8. Voila! Trial and Error to find stable configuration.

Tested GT220 DDR3
Stock: 625/700/1360
Overclocked (stable):700/860/1540
Which version of WINE? New versions might break compatibility.
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