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Default Re: The way it was FINALLY meant to be played

Originally Posted by Intel17 View Post
So, I have a confession. I bought Crysis at release, and I even bought Warhead at release, but my PC at the time (Q6600 + 8800GT + 4GB Ram + WinXP + 1280x1024 LCD) just wasn't enough to run it at its full glory. So I shelved the game after playing a few missions until I could experience it properly (i.e. maxed out at 1080p).

I am playing through Crysis now at 1080p, all settings very high, with 8x AA and 16x AF (forced through nv control panel), and I must say...HOLY CRAP. This game is absolutely incredible. The sheer vastness of the maps, amazing combat, great!

Now I am seeing the Crysis 2 footage and trailers and am significantly underwhelmed...but that's okay, I still have the rest of Crysis and all of Warhead to complete!

But yeah...I've never seen visuals this good -- and I played Metro 2033 on VH!
Dude, Just so you know, forcing AF through CP is useless with Veryhigh settings, this is due to the fact that Veryhigh settings utilizes Parallax Occlusion Mapping, or just POM, and POM doesn't allow Anisotropic Filtering ... So when POM is activated textures are gettin blurry at mid and long range distances. You can see the effect yourself by gettin ingame, looking down a road and brining down console and typing r_usepom 0 followed by retur to deactivate it. HOWEVER, there is a shader fix by a mod member at that allows the use of POM along with foced AF. Here's a link bro:

Let me know if it works

There's several graphical improvement mods out there, including: Highres foliage, Highres Nanosuit and ofc Time of day based mods which totally changes the overall looking to the game to the much better... Throw me a PM if u are interested. Always come to me if theres anything you wonder about crysis, cuz am teh nr1 crysis fan/g33k on this forum.
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