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Default Re: 3rd Party Cooler For GTX580?

Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
Nice results but I'm not a fan of Accelero coolers, the last one I tried the heatsinks provided kept falling off even after cleaning all the crap of the card. But if it's the only option then I guess it will have to be.

edit: can't find any stock for the fittings here, says you have to buy them seperately and the only place I could find that listed them is out of stock.
I had read some not so great reports about them too, so this is the first Accelero I've ever used. So far I haven't had a bit of trouble with loose heatsinks using the thermal adhesive they give you, and temps have remained consistently good.

To top it all off, it's about silent at 85%.

The cooler

The VR004 Kit Ghost girl used on her 580. I still have the 480, but I'm sure if you post questions to her in that thread she would be happy to answer.
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