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Default Re: Sandy Bridge is on the market!

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
Thanks, but I've become seriously addicted to buying hardware. As my rigs have gotten better and better I've played less and less games, it's just the rush of installing and tweaking.

It's acutally very sickening when I look at the last year.

I've bought...

Radeon 4770 512MB
Antec 902
Thermaltake 750 Watt psu
i5 750
4GB Corsair DDR3
Geforce gtx 470
Radeon 6870
2 Radeon 6950's
120 hz monitor
Phenom 2 x2 BE
Phenom 2 x3 BE
Phenom 2 x6
1156 motherboard
2 am3 motherboards
CM 690II Advanced
Intel SSD
Blu Ray Drive
2 Hyper 212+ coolers
Corsair h50

and probably more that I can't remember. The worst part about it was all the lateral moves. If I would have just saved all the money I'd be running an x58 rig with 2 580's lol
I'm sure you would have. But as you said you enjoy new hardware. So a good way to look at it is instead of actually buying games and playing them, costing $50 a pop, you traded pieces of hardware and played with those. Sometimes I think setting up new hardware can be more fun to me then actually playing games on the rig.

That's I think more of the reason for me to consider upgrading to Sandy Bridge. I really don't need anything faster than what I have now, but it's been a couple of years since I've upgraded my rig.
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