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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey slaWter

Heres the link to the orbx thread for john v's enb ini

you need to reg/login to get to that section of there forums

& many thanks for the kind words,im looking forward to getting back into my hobbies

Heres a few shots of the WIP Beaver,

still very WIP as yet but along enough to post a few shots,not sure if this will be an Ozx thing atm as most of the guys and girls who worked on the bell/goose +expansion packs are busy with RL work or have moved on to other roll in the fsx world so i might just solo this one gfx wise and ask a few other tweakers to have a look at fixing up the flight model,also im thinking of starting my own FSX site/blog were i can keep/share all my little gfx tweaks, repaints & HD redux projects atm there scattered about a bit,who knows it might even get me some donations towards my 570gtx my 4.2ghz i5 is totally wasted on the 260gtx!

btw looking forward to more vids of the triple displays if you have the time

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