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Angry Re: Backlight gets reseted with VDPAU

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
How many people have tried:

Option "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1"
I have and I did not see any change, although I couldn't find any documentation regarding this option, so I've no idea what it is supposed to do.

Currently I'm using acpi/video in combination with nvidia_bl module to control the backlight, which is a partial success.
The need for nvidia_bl (or some similar module) was motivated by problems described in thread
With nvidia_bl it seems to be mostly working, except the brightness resets described here in this thread and analyzed more in I got rid of most of the resets by changing KDE4 compositing backend to xrender instead of opengl and I don't use VDPAU, so the resets are now pretty rare for me, but the problem still exists.
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